Who We Are

West Michigan Prostate Health Alliance (WMPHA) was created in 2018 by a group of West Michigan business and community leaders who shared something in common—they were all diagnosed with prostate cancer, faced treatment options, dealt with personal and family emotions throughout their own journeys, and ultimately each received successful treatment and resulting outcomes.

Through their collective journeys, they recognized the critical need for additional prostate health education among West Michigan men and their families. This included the importance of regular/periodic screening tests based on age, family history, etc., treatment options available, and the many support resources offered to men and their families.

The WMPHA Mission: To provide support to men and their families at any point on their prostate health journey.

The WMPHA was founded on 5 key principles:

  • To Recognize the The Importance of Sharing Our Experience and Beliefs
  • To Increase Awareness of Prostate Health in West Michigan
  • To Encourage Early Testing and Discussion of Prostate Health
  • To Promote that West Michigan Offers Some of the Finest Healthcare Providers Available
  • In Recognition of the Important and Recognized National Resources Available, Provide a Centralized Hub of Important Links for Men and their Families to Assist in their Journeys (in conjunction with their individual health provider)