Who We Are

The West Michigan Prostate Health Alliance (WMPHA), a non-profit, volunteer organization, was created in 2018 by a group of West Michigan business leaders who shared something in common - they were all diagnosed with prostate cancer. They each faced treatment options, dealt with personal and family emotions throughout their own journeys, and ultimately made informed decisions and chose treatments that were best for them.

  • Get Your Prostate Checked Now!Understand and encourage inclusion of a prostate exam as part of regularly-scheduled health checks
  • Be Your Own Best Health Advocate! Along with your medical provider, make informed decisions with the help of many available resources
  • Talk to a West Michigan Mentor: Connect immediately to West Michigan men who you can relate to, and talk to them personally about their prostate cancer journey. Get honest answers and share the journey together, both rationally and emotionally.
  • Engage in Support, via The Survivors Association, a unique prostate cancer support offering in West Michigan. The Survivors Association was created and is administered by prostate cancer survivors and exists to provide support and education for members of our West Michigan community. Men from Grand Rapids, Holland, and other cities and towns come together to share and help each other become stronger every day as they face this disease