Mentors Stories

Paul Boyer

West Michigan

Shortly after my prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment I received a call from a neighbor who knew of my situation. He informed me that he was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and was scheduled to have surgery in a few weeks. He asked me to share my experience with him, which I did.

A few months later I was asked, by a close friend, to share my experience with prostate cancer surgery and recovery. I shared my experience with my friend.

Both of the men mentioned above contacted me after their surgery and expressed that the conversations I had previously shared about my own prostate journey helped them. Both said that talking to someone who had experienced what they were facing went a long way to reduce their anxiety, and helped in re-building their confidence so that they could be back shortly to living life to the fullest.

I have since mentored many men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. And each time I was told, over and over, how much talking to me helped them. I look forward to continuing as a mentor with the West Michigan Prostate Health Alliance.