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Most people don’t know that a watershed moment for prostate cancer was inspired by breast cancer. In 1996, several groups of concerned patients, physicians, and advocates came together to create the National Prostate Cancer Coalition. Modeled after the National Breast Cancer Coalition, this new organization was formed to stand up for men and their families impacted by prostate cancer and become a political force for a cure.

ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer is now the leading national nonprofit with the mission to end prostate cancer. ZERO advances research, improves the lives of men and families, and inspires action.

The organization offers comprehensive support for prostate cancer patients. Starting with education, ZERO provides millions of men and families with disease information through their website, printed materials, videos, and webinars. They also support early detection and free testing with local partners across the country, lead the national dialogue on prostate cancer through awareness campaigns, social media, their website, and blog, Journey to ZERO, and protect and grow federal research funding that has led to several key prostate cancer treatments for extending and improving the lives of men.