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The Survivors Association

Formed in 1992, the Prostate Cancer Survivors Association of West Michigan is a support group for men with prostate cancer, as well as their families. The group partnered with Gilda’s Club in 2001 and serves to offer fellowship, peer counseling, education about treatment options, and discussion of numerous issues relating to prostate cancer–all without any bias or judgement.

The Survivors Association was created and is administered by prostate cancer survivors. Their activities demonstrate care, concern, acceptance, and understanding, while at the same time acknowledging the special needs and situations that come from having prostate cancer. In Survivors Association groups, members discuss various concerns, including the physical, psychological, and emotional side effects from treatment.

The Survivors Association exists to provide support and education for members of the West Michigan community. Men from Grand Rapids, Holland, and other cities and towns come together to share and help each other become stronger every day as they face this disease.